Working so much your dog does not even recognize you anymore? Life Design for Business Owners

I believe 90% of Business Owners Make this Mistake

You start out as the original building block within your business, the cornerstone, but never removed yourself from that position? You work so much that your health and personal relationships are suffering as a result always serving the business a little more. The business of your dreams is slowly turning into the business of your nightmares. The size of your business success depends on the size of your personal sacrifice. Can you continue to live like this or change it?

You CAN change it. Change the role that your business plays in your life. Working in partnership with me we reposition your business as a building block within your life. Combining personal development and business development with business innovation we discover your path in life and align your business deliverables with your goals, wants and needs.

More About Willem Gous

Willem is an international innovation speaker and accomplished serial entrepreneur. He created the indivineur method of innovation. He is an innovation mentor and business coach to businesses in various industries. He loves reading and works on his personal development daily. Spends a lot of time with his family and loves to travel.

For fun, he assists big companies to help their employees overcome their fears and limiting beliefs as a certified firewalking instructor. Something you may not know about Willem Gous is that he does not like to eat tongue, because he does not like to eat something that can taste him.

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Justin Coetsee -  Co-founder Justin Coetsee - Co-founder, Ignitor

I have been dealing with Willem in the startup space for more than two years now. He is an innovative thinker finding novel ways to apply different business processes and thinking in new and interesting ways.

He is an innovator.

We use Willem as a mentor during our Ignitor Startup Bootcamps due to his straight to the point and honest approach to helping startups see where there might or might not be potential.

He relates to businesses across a wide range of industries enabling them to innovate and move forward.

Wybrand Ganzevoort Wybrand Ganzevoort, MD Collective Value Creation

Having worked with Willem I can recommend him as someone who has deep experience in the entrepreneurial field. As a serial entrepreneur himself he is able to relate to entrepreneurs and quickly provide insight into various business models. This differentiates Willem as someone who can provide relevant subject matter expertise in various industries. Willem is especially good at enabling entrepreneurs to make the transition from being a person with an idea towards becoming an entrepreneur that constantly tests value propositions relevant to their customers. Willem’s experience in the coaching field also enables those entrepreneurs he works with to continuously apply learning and implement actions relevant to their current stage of business growth. I would recommend Willem’s services to any entrepreneur needing to innovate and grow their company.

I usually do not enjoy reading posts or motivational speeches I receive in my mailbox but was struck by the different approach of Willem and his "indivineur method".  I therefore contacted him to arrange a Skype session and see how his experience and method could help me see clearer in my objective to create my own business. I was expecting to have a quick 30 minutes discussion on my high-level plans but ended up with a deep view of the actions and challenges that I need to work on. Willem not only gave excellent "homework" to rationalize my business ideas; he also awoke the confidence required to move towards business creation, with all its opportunities and risks.

Stephane Qatar

Thank Willem for the opportunity. Talking with you opened my eyes to important areas of starting up a business. I was almost at the point of giving up a business idea, but you had help me to understand and clear my doubts. Your clear and insightful advice had put me back on track. I am looking forward to working with you as I go to the next level.

Prince Anyanwu Nigeria

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