Life Success Planning for Business Owners

Where Personal Development and Business Development Meet

Get your dreams back, the ones your business was supposed to deliver when you started.

Turn your business into a building block in your life, serving your needs as much your customers.

  • Get clear about what you really want in life and how your business will help you get that
  • Create A new life success plan to deliver on the dreams you had when you started your business
  • Build a future where you will grow and develop as a person while your business provides the building blocks and resources for you to rise to a new you.
  • Have Clear goals broken down into small actionable steps to empower you to success
  • Draw a roadmap to a new life where you have more control over the demands you business makes on your time

“Willem Gous is a dynamic and inspirational Entrepreneur and Business leader. I find his attitude infectious and I value his contribution both to my business and personal development. Willem is an asset to any business and I firmly believe his knowledge and personality will serve his clients well” - Denzil Fillis CEO Mpilo Technologies

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More About Willem Gous

An international innovation speaker and accomplished serial entrepreneur. He created the indivineur method of innovation. He is an innovation mentor and business coach to businesses in various industries.

Willem-on-Black-BGBusiness owners start out as the original building block in their business but then they remain as that building block. As a result they become overworked and stressed, resulting in deteriorating health and personal relationships as the business demands more and more of them every day. They serve the business more than it serves them. He helps business owners turn that dire situation around. He helps turn the business into a building block within the unfolding life and personal development journey of the business owner. It leads to a life of inspiration, energy, focus and purpose. The business becomes a driver within the ever expanding life of the business owner.

For fun, he assists big companies to help their employees overcome their fears and limiting beliefs as a certified firewalking instructor. Something you may not know about Willem Gous is that he does not like to eat tongue, because he does not like to eat something that can taste him.


"He helped me realize just what is important to me, focus on it and make it a reality so that I can function and think from what inspire and energizes me most. I now do more business, I am more focused and work less. As a matter of fact, most of the time it does not feel like work as I love what I do. I continue working with Willem as he is driven to help me achieve the results I want.

Also, I like that he is strict and keeps me accountable to myself and my goals. We have had many laughs and fun times and I always look forward to working with him further" - Slaven Gajović, Ceo, Maximum Group

"Thank Willem for the opportunity. Talking with you opened my eyes to important areas of starting up a business. I was almost at the point of giving up a business idea, but you had help me to understand and clear my doubts. Your clear and insightful advice had put me back on track. I am looking forward to working with you as I go to the next level" - Prince Anyanwu